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It Is Time We All Understand The Importance of Adaptive Clothing For Elderly And Disabled

It Is Time We All Understand The Importance of Adaptive Clothing For Elderly And Disabled

There was a time when the fashion industry did not include people with disabilities into their potential customer base. Despite being the third-largest segment in the States, seniors with cognitive disabilities, people with mobility issues were left out of contemporary fashion design.

Ovidis is one of those fashion companies that understand the struggle seniors and people with disabilities have to go through when it comes to dressing. Not just seniors, caregivers and family members too experience great difficulty in caring for their disabled loved ones. This is the reason why we have created adaptive features in clothes such as Velcro closures and snap buttons to replace traditional buttons.

It is important to understand that clothing for disabled elderly is not just about giving another fashion or style option to them. It is about bringing better inclusivity that closes the disparity between accommodation and universal acceptance.

Of course, clothing companies are going to benefit from including innovative adapting clothing into their business, but this inclusion of clothing will help society become a whole lot better as well. People with disabilities often feel that personal style is not for them because of their medical condition and this makes them feel excluded. It also has a negative effect on their sense of self, which is something we all need to fix and we can fix it with the help of adaptive clothing for the elderly and disabled by making it a mainstream part of the fashion realm.

Difficulties of Disabled People

Medical conditions such as down syndrome, autism, cerebral palsy, and other cognitive conditions are many times affected by other medical conditions that make clothing of present-day inaccessible. For instance, there are seniors and adults who wear diapers and face a lot of discomfort with conventional form-fitting garments. There are a lot of special needs people that find typical fashion styles very awkward and distressing to wear because of their increased sensory sensitivity.

Ovidis plunged itself into creating adaptive clothing for disabled seniors when we realized how hard it gets for people with disabilities to wear traditional clothes. Seeing our fellow human beings struggle to deal with clothing products that do not factor in their needs was something we wanted to change and that is the reason why we have brought out sensory-friendly and comfortable to wear footwear, sleepwear, pants, blouses for women, shirts for men, and much more without compromising on fashion and style.

Feeling confident about one’s appearance has a positive impact on our mental and physical health and this is what we strive to provide to our customers.