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Fashion Tips for Women Over 60

Fashion Tips for Women Over 60

Figuring out what to wear and how to wear at any age is challenging; however, for women over 60, it is especially daunting. You may want to dress fashionably, but your limited mobility may prevent you from wearing stylish clothes that you see in advertisements. Or perhaps, you struggle to find fashionable clothing for seniors since most clothing brands are focused on younger women. But this doesn’t mean you have to give up on your dream of looking your best and fashionable in old age. All you need to do is follow these tips: 

Know yourself

Your style statement should not come from what’s trending or what others wear. It should be in sync with how you feel about yourself and the type of clothing that helps you feel confident and look your best. It can be a bit difficult to decide, but a good rule of thumb is to think of how you used to dress when you were younger and choose clothing that resembles the style you like the most. Even if you have mobility issues, don’t neglect this part, as you also have adaptive clothing for the elderly that is both easy to wear and stylish.

Emphasize comfort

For women over 60, comfort is often more important than style, and you should value the same. If wearing heels makes you uncomfortable, don’t. Switch to flats. Similarly, if tight pants cause discomfort, wear dresses. The best part is that comfortable clothes can also be stylish should you choose the right type and design. For instance, people with mobility challenges can go for clothing for people with disabilities, which is both comfortable to wear and fashionable. 

Try out different stores

Women over the age of 60 often have a hard time finding clothes that fit their size or feel comfortable in the stores they are used to shopping at. If that’s the case with you, try some other stores or look for an online store that specializes in adaptive clothing for the elderly. This little change can help you find your new unique style and make you look and feel your best. If you are looking for adaptive clothing for the handicapped or the elderly, feel free to explore our store or contact us today.